Mowing & Trimming

Entrust Your Lawn Service to Experts Serving Edmond, OK, and Nearby Areas

Once you have the landscape design that you envisioned, we need to keep it in great condition for the longest time! Lawngevity, right? Our skilled crew is ready to provide you with the best lawn care services, customized and executed to the highest of standards so that you can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Our services include: 


  • Trimming
  • Mowing
  • Pruning
  • Weed control
  • Fertilization 

These services require an experienced touch and proper equipment. We will carefully remove dead branches to maintain the health of your plants; trimming will help us achieve the shape you desire and make your landscape look more comfortable and organized. If you’re looking for tried and tested lawn services, we’re the company for you!

Nurture Your Yard With Proper Lawn Care

Our skilled crew will be glad to provide you with a comprehensive lawn care service to transform your existing lawn, or to give it adequate maintenance. A well-cared-for lawn is fundamental to growing beautiful and healthy plants: lush foliage, knit soil, better uptake of water and nutrients, and increased resistance to environmental stress. You can relyu on our grass-cutting service! 


Besides, proper lawn care will allow you to reap all associated benefits, such as:


  • Improved curb appeal
  • Added property value
  • Added home protection from burglars  
  • Prevent harmful pests 
  • Halt damaging insects
  • Disease prevention

Get a Healthy, Weed-Free Lawn

Schedule your lawn trimming or maintenance appointment now! For your convenience, we’ll be glad to offer a free estimate to start working on your landscape maintenance needs. Call us at (405) 650-5549, or fill out our quick contact form.


We’re pleased to offer:


  • 8% off prepay discounts
  • 5% off military and first responders discount

Tip: you can stack and combine all discounts applicable to you! Reach out to us today to learn more about our lawn service.

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