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A well-tended lawn is more than eye-catching—it’s a lifestyle statement. Plus, scientific studies confirm that quality time in green spaces can alleviate stress and improve mental well-being. If your lawn isn’t a source of pride or relaxation, you’re missing out on significant benefits.


For 21-plus years, Lawngevity has been setting the standard in Bethany, OK, providing first-rate services like landscaping, mowing, trimming, and specialized weed control & fertilization. “Creating your ideal lawn” isn’t just catchy marketing; it’s our genuine pledge to you.

Craftsmanship That Turns Heads

Some lawns demand attention, and yours could be one of them. To make that happen, consistent fertilization and effective irrigation are crucial. Of course, regular mowing with a quality mower is also key.


Our menu of services:


Collaborate with Us to Revamp Your Outdoor Oasis!

We approach landscaping as a collaborative art form. From concept to execution, we ensure every aspect of your landscape is aligned with your vision. Our tools and supplies are of the highest quality, embodying our relentless pursuit of excellence. With our hands-on guidance, maintaining an idyllic lawn is a breeze. Each lawn we touch turns into a storytelling canvas, radiating the love and care it receives. Ready to begin crafting that narrative? Contact us today or fill out our quick contact form for a no-strings-attached estimate. Let’s start shaping your dream landscape.

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